What is Show Of The Year showcase contest?

Show Of The Year is annual dance festival that gathers more than 100 dance crews in one day to Helsingin Kulttuuritalo.

We started at first organizing Streetdance events in 2003. At that time urban dance events were almost non existent and everything was new. With hard work and struggle, slowly but surely jams got bigger and people got more involved in events and the underground dance scene got huge.
We tried to have jams as soulful as we could, with deep roots to the culture and it’s history.

SOTY Showcase contest was born in 2010 and every year it has gone bigger and loved by dancers more than ever. Over 100 crews performing in one day, which makes it one of biggest one day dance events in the world. It is easy to say the level of finals are on international level. Choreographers and teachers are many times forgotten in the events, but not in SOTY. Choreographers will have free masterclasses and workshops during the weekend. Next year SOTY will be also held in Japan.

More info: http://www.kaikkitanssista.fi

Here are some highlights to SOTY, that we still consider raw, unpolished and underground, like the dance is.

2016 Trailer

2011 Trailer

2012 Show Of The Year winners Fe’Fellas

3 Times SOTY winners Lock Kids Finland

2016 Formation winners JJ-Street Vogue (Est)

Winning in SOTY makes news headlines in Finland

SOTY-voitto ylittää nyt mediassa urheilu-uutisten uutiskynnyksen!

SOTY-voitto ylittää nyt mediassa urheilu-uutisten uutiskynnyksen!

Funny episode is that when world famous legendary dancer Storm came to our event first time, he said: ”The feeling of jam is like when I came to New York first time”.
We travelled and did shows all over the world to see best events, from contemporary theatre to hardest battles: La biennale de Lyon, Les Rencontres Urbaines, BBoy Night Japan, Freestyle Session, BBoy Summit, all Juste Debouts since the start, Streetstars, R-16 Korea, Dance Delight Japan. And then decided to make one of our own, with deep flavor of Finland. Not just for street dancers, but for every genre dancers to come together and inspire each other. SOTY

Past international dance guests we have hosted in street dance events in Finland:
Bruce Ykanji (Fra), Meech (Fra), Franqey (Fra), Inxi (Fin), Tamara Arruti (Bel), Princess 1G (Korea), Iron Mike (Fra), Julio Napoles (Cuba), Guillermo Sarduy (Cuba), Perla Perlson (Swi)