update on sneakers.fi

Our blog is now 10 years old! I think it’s one of oldest ongoing urban culture blogs in Europe right now. To be honest we haven’t had time to update that much, maybe twice a month and been focused more on Instagram and editing videos lately.

So far Sneakers.fi have had 250000 visitors and best article had 45000 hits.

Will try to shift to writing in English and little bit more concentrate on longboard dancing and street dancing, and of course our events & travelling in Europe and Japan/Okinawa, that are our main focus right now!

RN most exited about #saddancer longboard and streetdance project
To find finally a project that we can put all our creativity and skills for one thing, is most exiting right now.

From now, front page will be #saddancer project shop and pics, the link to blog will be in upper tab!