How Longboarding changed my way of traveling

We have been backpack travelling all over the world, most of countries ever wanted to travel. Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Hawaii and all over Europe. On our trips we have been using local buses, taxis, Ubers and of course walking.

After Hawaii, to get someway back to that careless Surfing feel, decided to buy a longboard.
And on our last trip to Barcelona in September 2019 we decided to take Longboard with us. And oh boy, the it changed all.

Feeling of just cruising around the city and beachwalks, all night all day. Totally free. No worries of traffics, schedules or anything. It changed way to travel and will probably never travel again without the board. Amount of freedom it gave us was something special.

Under there are videos of us long boarding in Barcelona and Tokyo, so check it!

Longboards are easy to learn, very stable skates and wheels smooth and big, Our friends started longboard in their 40’s and could learn it super fast, longboard almost becomes part of your body, no matter how old you are.

Jos Suomessa olet kiinnostunut longboardauksesta, Heldance pitää sessioita melkein joka päivä Helsingissä. Minulla on myynnissä myösä hyviä longboardeja edullisesti jos kiinnostaa aloittaa 🙂

Loaded Coyote complete is very light and agile longboard. Sold in and around 159e