Moving in to Japan, our projects!

English blogging! Wanted to share some projecsts that we have been working with our blog. Please listen our podcast in English where we go through these projects, it’s quite fun.

Little Tokyo in Helsinki

We try to make little area in Helsinki that would have Japanese restaurants, japanese grocery stores, little cultural place (kouminkan). The project is big but something that anyone could start at their own city! If you can get some good connections with local japanese people, this is dream that could become true. We are going to do bigger podcast how it could be possible soon. Here is link to some inspiration pics!

Where to start if you wan’t Japan Town in your city?

1. Create a Japanese community. Create an event called Little Tokyo (or Japan week) and gather every year all japanese people in your city together. Contact to all japanese restaurants, associations, grocery stores to have pop up store at the event. Don’t ever quit, do it every year until it becomes stabil event.

2. Find a place. Talk to construction companies and real estate firms about the idea and if they are interested, they will start to find you guys a spot for 3-4 stores and community space (kouminkan).

3. Find people interested on project. Restaurant owners, Japan associations and grocerystore owners that would be interested.

This is how we started and try to make it happen!

Kuka muistaa Blade Runnerin tulevaisuuden visiot ja toivoi että joku paikka näyttäisi cyberpunkilta?

Maybe bit cyberpunk-ish Little Tokyo in Helsinki?

Free Urban Dance & Art event in Tokyo Kinshicho Silkroad cafe 21st March and Okinawa Nago in 23rd of March

Open Styles in Tokyo & Okinawa. It could be very hard to get to showcase your talent in Japan and we want to make place anyone could showcase your craft and talent in Tokyo and Okinawa!
21st March in Silkroad Cafe Tokyo Kinshicho from 18.00 -23.00 and 23rd March in Okinawa Nago Challenger 12-16. All the dancers, singers, visual artists etc, please welcome and come through. Its free of charge event!! If you want to showcase or more info, please follow and dm in our Instagram

0248E5A6-794C-466E-8ADF-4265D79FA6DBSuper moody Silkroad Cafe in Kinshicho Tokyo will be the venue

Japanese Minimalism styled AirBnb in Finland

If you are coming to Finland, please holla! We have full japanese minimalism styled airbnb close to Airport. It’s moody and minimalistic with small flavor of urban Tokyo aswell. Sauna, own yard can’t get more zen. More in our Instagram

Finland House in Okinawa

We have pop-up AirBnb in Okinawa 24th feb – 27st of March in Yomitan, near to Zampa beach! Hit us if you are interested, we can also take you to trip to waterfalls, castles and beaches! Our instagram here This has been our hardest project so far, lot’s of paperwork and stuff to do before you can even have japanese bank account or cell phone. Going to be blogging more about the project soon!