Sad dancer

What is sad dancer longboards and clothing?

In any art, there is beauty in melancholy and sadness sometimes. Be it street dancing or longboard dancing. It’s alright to be just you. Stay at home when it’s raining. Feel blue in Mondays. We are not super heroes, and it’s ok.

Minimal with simplicity, we just wanted to make videos, clothes and longboard decks we ourselves wanted to use.

This is still project that has just started, so where we are heading, it’s all new to us. We wanted to have raw project that can put all our creativity and visual designs together, streetdance x longboard videos, events, shop for clothing and longboard decks around it.

Tell us how did Sad dancer longboards & clothing project start?

My cousin lived in Hawaii and I started skim boarding in Oahu. When I came back to Finland, there wasn’t really place to do skim, so I got into looking longboard dancing, got my first deck actually when I was in Okinawa, just that I could move from place to place.

I bought cheap longboard from local spot and started mixing street dance and longboard. I loved how you don’t need dance classes or studio to practice. You have your own moving dance floor always with you.

Then after I started to look better board, I really wanted minimal, black deck, no logo or graphics with decent price, but there wasn’t any. If you are beginner, putting 3-400e for set up is not easy, since you don’t even know if the long boarding is your think in the end. To hunt down beginner friendly but quality longboard was the unicorn I wanted.

After seeing videos of original 1960’s long boarding, I really got stoked, and wanted plain board with no grip, just to do deep carves, boardwalks with my bare feet. No flips or tricks. When my street dancer days, tricks or power moves weren’t the thing, my crew was about small details and style. There wasn’t one I wanted so the next thing was dreaming about my own deck.
I wan’t the deck to be all black, minimal, chill, simplistic and zen. My japanese-finnish heritage I guess.

I had been thinking for my own clothing line for long time. I had sneakerstore called Popot Sneakerstore in Helsinki, it was first sneakerstore in Finland to concentrate on limited edition sneakers. At the time we were in middle of fashion biz, we were tight with people from Vans, Diamond & co, DC and skate scene wasn’t that far from us. We had sponsorship from Adidas originals and we even hooked Vans sponsorship to one of our friends.
There were talks of our own brands a lot. Then I got into my pro street dancer career for years and quit sneakerstore.

I decided to combine my dream of own clothing line in street dance and long boarding to a brand Sad dancer.

Why Sad dancer?

The music to dance to is artists like shiloh, xxx, frank ocean, moody and chill stuff. Sad stuff gives me energy more than happy music, if you get me. Motivational speakers make me sad. I see beauty in sadness sometimes. Guy called Shawn from Longboarddancing world was talking about in his post about happy longboarders and sad longboarders, and I immediately related to Sad Longboard dancer word and there it was.

What’s your relationship with skating?

I bought my first deck in eighties, it was called Turbo II, legendary cheapo deck. I was street dancer, but many of my friends were skaters, so I watched lots of skate movies in 90’s, Zooyork was big in Hiphop too, Harold Hunter and when Kids came, I went bananas. The whole 90’s New York vibe is my roots really. We would go every year to battle to New York. Hanged in Washington square and Union Square. Eventually we won RSC Anniversary that was biggest bboy contest in NYC and one of most respected jams in U.S. We won that years US Champion in finals, and like 5000 dollars that was crazy lot money back then and some of the ghetto kids would come after us. We were breaking and drinking on street and got caught up from Police, went to courthouse to agreed guilty and pay lol.
I would watch later Supremes Cherry, it sort of had that old 90’s hiphop vibe, took me back, I’ve seen it like 100 times, also ZooYorks Akira Mowatt is half Japanese, so I followed a lot his stuff. From Cherry, Dylan Rieder is probably coolest skater and his part and fashion is big inspiration to everything I do.
When I started long board dancing, it changed my life totally. It’s like meditation, put your music on and just skate, forget all the shits in your life. After that I’ve been skating almost every day. Sad dancer became sort of sad skater.

Tell us about your dancing roots.

I started dancing in 90’s, I was professional street dancer to around 2017, when I quit. We used to travel to all over the world, there is no country I anymore want to go, we went to everywhere. We did all the underground battles, got into fights and all batshit crazy stuff. Then did all the commercial stuff, been on like 10 different music videos and performed in MTV Music awards that was huge back then, like 100 million people watching. Battled against Wyclef on backstage, Madonna and J-Lo and everybody were there.
I quit few years a go, I got tired to all politics and drama in the scene and wanted to move to southern island. Started investing to stocks, the moved to Okinawa to build beach hostel and take easy.

What is future for Sad Dancer

To be honest, this is just hobby for us, so wish just to continue, longevity is the key and most important part. Hope beginners and those who wan’ts just dance with long board with minimal design deck could find us. Also for dancers all black clothes, for all us sad dancers. Dancers are not just happy happy energetic tricksters, I think lol.