Vans Old Skool pro vs. Nike Zoom Blazer SB

What is best shoe for longboarding for me?

This blog started as sneaker blog and we used to own Sneaker shop, so we are going to give a little review how we liked some shoes we use in Longboarding. Go see videos in our Instagram to see how we skate!

I am professional street dancer and have owned speakershop so I give quite attention to details, materials they use, pricing and usability in shoes. Important is also how the product is really developed for it’s use (even the look is old school classic). It makes no sense to wear 50 year old shoe model with 50 years old materials in these days.

At worst days of my sneaker addiction, I had close to 100 sneakers in my closet, and to this day still have dosens of ten year old brand new shoes that haven’t used, lol.

Skate shoes have not been on my radar since in street dance skate shoes are not best for streetdancing, so in a way skate shoe scene was new to me and fun to research.

As the sad skate shop aesthetic, most important for us was to try to find minimal, all black skate shoe.

There were not many smooth all black skate shoes, but the skateshoes I have now used are Nike SB Zoom Blazer Chukka, Vans Old Skool and Vans Old Skool pro.

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Chukka

Nike Blazer is classic Nike sneaker and I have used them way back, but what surprised me was that there was no really not much evolution in the made of this shoe. It says SB as skateboarding, but the feel, fit and materials were as cheap as ten years a go in normal Blazer. I thought it have been big product development for SB line, but there wasn’t much. TBH Nike has been lazy, just putting the SB logo to 40 year old shoe 😀 For skating the shoes fit is not optimal for me at least, it’s narrow but still not supporting the feet as good it should be. The look of Blazer is super nice, I love when skate shoes does not look like skate shoes.

Vans Old Skool black/black

I love the look of Vans Old Skool. Super classic shoe from 1960’s. This cheapest version is really for just walking, the canvas material feel cheap and is not sturdy enough for even long boarding. Like toy shoe, not real shoe.

Vans Old Skool pro black/black

Pro version of Old Skool shoe is best one thus far we have used for longboard dancing. In longboard freestyle and dancing you don’t really do much Ollies or kick flips, so shoe wears mostly from bottom. The sole must be bit thinner that you can really feel the boards concave while carving. The materials in pro model are so much better than normal Old Skool, so definitely recommend this one, even it is bit pricier. The heel is sturdier, suede material on top, this feels really more good work shoe wise in general.
I longboard 3-4 times a week, some times more than that and the shoe lasted about 9 months, until the breaking side shoe broke down from sole.

Let us know if there’s other all black skate shoes you recommend!

After 9 months it looked like this
Nike SB Zoom Blazer SB review
Nike Zoom Blazer SB
Vans Old Skool black/black review
Vans Old Skool black/black

Entered Longboard dancing World Cup SYCLD

This years Longboard dancing World Cup SYCLD was held online, so me as Sad Skate shop employee decided to enter the contest. It was super fun process to make a line for contest, didn’t get through to finals since level was super high, but can say practicing and making this entry really made me better longboard dancer.

Most times when you just practice normally Longboard dancing, you will concentrate on new tricks or steps, so won’t be putting effort for full long lines, so I fully recommend to get your mind to full lines too.

Here in this line I tried to make few challenges, to make it harder for me.

1. Try to use tricks that not many others use
Originality is the key for me and always important, so tried to combine to one flow some weirder original tricks that are not very common. First trick is my own variation, then magic man to finger flip and caveman with slide are somewhat rarer tricks I believe. Also tried not to use the tricks and steps that are used by many, so I didn’t use any crossteps, Peter pans or 180 no comply’s in this line.

2. Tried to make everything go with music
Every pump and carve, tricks did to beat. I like to go with the music so I tried to pay attention to beat. Music is coming from small speaker in my waist. Also there was message, Drakes – Started from the bottom now we here, which resonates to my longboarding as well.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this line, it gave me much motivation and hope they will continue to have it again next year for those who can’t travel to Netherlands for live Longboard dancing World Cup.

It was super nice to feel the vibe and love from everybody, and so super supportive to a nobody and no special long boarder like me in this contest. Hope to see you in SYCLD some day!

Why buy my longboard or skate in small local shop even if it’s more expensive?

Why buy my longboard or skate in small local shop even if it’s 20 euros more expensive?

Answer is simple. You will get more. Local shops support local scene, kids, riders, organize events, make videos etc. All this extra content you get for 20 euros or dollars. You are same time helping kids to get some day maybe professional skaters or Olympic skaters. Skate parks get build because of skate community and shops are big part of building it.

By buying in big corporate sports stores, your money will get lost in huge investment companies accounts who really don’t give a shit about longboarders, skaters or scoot people.

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loaded coyote

How to longboard dance? Caveman

Made quick how to to longboard trick called Caveman. In Japan it is usually the first longboard dancing trick you learn, so here you go.
It is done in this tutorial very slowly, remember to get there more speed when you get comfortable, also jump higher and if deck doesn’t touch the floor at all, it is the best. By deck touching ground you can easily combine finger flips or slaps to board to caveman.
Also landing the trick can be varied, cross feet landing, body varial etc.

Remember, there are many ways to do these tricks so do your own research and choose the right way, there are lot’s of caveman tutorials in youtube.

Can you longboard dance on any board? How to choose your longboard.

There is no one way to choose your board. It all depends on your own style and preferences and of course how tall you are, weight and so on.

Few good to know point of views are

Nose and tail
If your longboard dancing deck have about symmetrical kick tail and nose, it will be easier to do tricks with the board. So it would be safe to say to look up to board with symmetrical kick tail and nose.

The length of wheel base gives you more space to do longboard dancing steps, so you want to choose bit longer board. It depends on your feet size and so on, so be sure to try out different size boards.

The brand
General consensus is to buy from real longboard brand, and particularly a brand that is really spezialized on longboard dancing. It is also because these brands help organizing events, sponsor local riders and builds community. These brands produce longboard dancing videos and how to videos. So by buying from local real longboard brand you will be investing to yourself as well.

Well known longboard dancing brands are Simple, Majutsu, Timber, Loaded, Travelol, Pepper, Crown, Moonshine etc.

longboard dancing

Longboard dancing to us

classic long boarding

Cool questions came to our Saddancer longboard shop via social media. Here few Q&A, and don’t forget this is just how one person sees it, nothing else 🙂

What is longboarding to us?

Street surfing
Southern Island of Okinawa in pacific ocean is where we live while in Japan and started longboarding. Skimboard and surf started in Hawaii where cousins are from, so for us we see longboarding as street surfing. Classic longboarding is the truth, boardwalks with bare feet, long decks and deep carving. The original style where longboard dancing originated from

Originators of longboard dancing Adam and Adam
Their youtube videos coined together the Art of longboard dancing and we have all watched Adam and Adam videos repeat thousand times. What you see in their videos is their mad energy, they just went crazy with the board, zero f..ks given what others think, so much creativity. They were wearing crazy outfits and goofing around, like now days youtubers and tictocers are doing. Just having fun with the board.
If some one had said to Adam and Adam that what you do is not longboarding and they had quit, there would not be longboard dancing. Thankful they continued. .

Why so many Caveman variations
Why some do so much caveman variations is that in Japan first trick you learn is usually caveman. When came to Europe was surprised how the style is so different, probably Hans Wouters is super big influence and style is more like short board tricks on longboard, which what we are working on now. Every country has their own foundations, styles and heroes they look up to. And it is all about having your own style and own way of long boarding.

Why you do hand waves while long boarding?
Handwaving in long boarding is definitely not part of fundamental and foundational longboard dancing. It is just streetdancing on longboard. Doing waves is not something that we came up to, we used to go to Cali every year to breakdance battles, waving is from Cali, at the time many locals had deck and were goofing with hand waves while long boarding, so that’s where I saw it first. Even asked Adam if it’s okay to do handwaves while 180 step. Also of course Sepakumas crazy hand styles are inspirational, so legendary.

Sepakuma with Skrillex

Freestyle means free style, not let’s do everybody same stuff

All in all there are different approaches to longboard dancing. The original styles from classic longboarding, different styles from different styles from different countries. It is not only one way to dance. Good to be open minded, freedom of freestyle.

longboard dancing & skateboard 360 camera Gopromax review

Bought 360 camera while in Japan. I think it’s the best thing I’ve had for years. For solo skater like me, it gives so many possibilities to film your longboard dancing, it’s incredible.
Basically you don’t have to ask anyone to film and you can get good footage, play with the sick angles and be creative 200 times more than with normal cam. It’s kind of your own drone, action cam, photo cam, gimbal and sick 360 degree cam in one vehicle.
In Japan they didn’t have Insta360 (other 360 action cam), only GoproMax and Ricoh Theta. Gopromax is good, but have to admit the next generation of 360 cams must be the ones to get. It takes super long time to import movies to your phone with wifi, then rendering and selecting the angles another hour or two, then finally editing and sharing it. Even if I’m super fast, for one 1 minute clip it can take good 3-4 hours of work. Also the app crashes like windows 95 and is super unstable. Once I updated the software, it started throwing camera off 360 mode, so for one longboard & dance session I did not have any footage on my cam, only sky and floor. But all in all, I’m having fun with it, but probably next generation is going to be better. 550e for Gopromax and stick, it’s bit expensive still I think. Ricoh Theta was more cheaper, but the video quality was no good for skating, the stabilizer was no good at all.

I’m super exited to work with this 360 camera and videos, it gives a so much more to my longboarding in general

30 days longboard dancing mission

Wen’t trough 30 days longboard dancing x street dance mission in January. The season wasn’t best for long boarding, since you can only skate in car garages in Finland, so result was fail (lol), 27/30 days was the final numbers, few days missing because of getting sick with car smoke etc, but all in all would recommend this longboard dancing mission to everyone. It kind of makes long boarding part of your daily routines and gives you so much motivation. Here are some videos of January. So glad now in end of March that sun is starting to shine.

freeskate 2020

Hey fam what’s good! Started 2020 with great momentum, with 30 days straight longboard/freeskate/streetdance challenge. So every day either longboard/freeskate/streetdance for 30 days. In this cold weather and security guards harassing in parking lots, trying to be healthy and not injured, let’s see if gonna fail 😀

Got freeskates from JMKride, can’t wait to learn them
Sent our Saddancer deck to Cuba to local long boarder through his dad who was in Finland, buen viaje hombre, bit warmer for you in Havana I guess!
Hardwire hi-fi is the endless road. Changed pivot cups to Riptide and bushings to Orangatang Knuckles. Ride is 100% smoothier now, no joke. With Flavor trucks, this is best set up for me right now.
New Years resolution. Not worrying too much.
New Drake & Future, the song is not that special but video is mad fun

Saddancer how was this 2019?

It was huge year for us. Started everything again from the beginning. Moved back from Okinawa to itä-Vantaa. Organized 6 events in Japan and Finland. Skated every day. Went to Barcelona. Thankful for all the people met and vibed.
Next year is going to be cool I guess. Cant wait the Okinawa trip again and all the Saddancer projects coming up.

Okinawa became place to call another home. Skimboarding, Onsen (Hot springs), great food, cheap living, southern Island paradise with all best part of Japanese culture.
Had there Terrace House themed Airbnb with friends, best time of my life
guests liked it too
Organized 6 events in Japan and in Helsinki
7 dancers from Finland went to Japan, and one dancer came to perform in Helsinki
Okinawa is beautiful but home is where your heart is. Going to Okinawa every year, but full move to island is still in the future.
Built AirBnb/apartment with Japanese minimalism to close to Airport, no need for sofa
Summer in Helsinki is not bad either
Skated 3-4 times a week at least. longboard dancing = meditation
Itä-Vantaa appreciation. 20 minutes to Kallio, 30 minutes to central by car or bus. Perfect living. Have lived in Punavuori and Kallio, but not moving back to city ever.
Went to Barcelona! Was one of best weekends. The beach, the skate, the food, the people the vibes. Definately going next year as well.
Made more than 20 skate videos this year.