longboard dancing and freestyle boards

Here we are introducing you the most common longboard dancing decks that there are. There is not such thing as best longboard dancing board, since every long boarder is different and everybody have to find their own what suits the best.

Moonshine Hoedown is very well known longboard for freestyle and dance. Famous riders as Jeff Corsi and Brandon Desjarlais are riding this quality longboard

Loaded Bhangra

Loaded is one of oldest longboard freestyle and dancing brands and Bhangra is one that very many long boarders use. Also Loaded Tarab is very popular deck. Deck price is 268e dollars (only deck)

Timber boards

Timber boards in longboard company from Netherlands and is very known board maker supporting lots of professional longboard dancers.
Many shapes like Flamingo, Kiwi and Tortini are very popular and here in the picture is Tortuga. Tortuga deck price is 204e.

Timber boards Tortuga

Simple longboards

Simple is big brand in Longboard freestyle and has great riders in their team. Simple is Austrian brand and their platy series is well know deck in longboard dancing and freestyle culture. Platypus deck here is 219e (only deck)

simple platypus

Majutsu longboards

Majutsu is French brand and is sponsoring famous riders such as Giulia Alfeo. Here in picture is Buto Odori, price is 250e (only deck)

Majutsu Buto

Travelol longboards

Travelol is longboard company from Hongkong and is very popular in Korea, China and Japan. Many riders in asia love to use Travelol. Travelol completes are around 280e

Travelol longboard

Cosmo longboards

Cosmo is longboard brand in Korea, mainly used by Korean longboard riders. Cosmic Dancer pro is around 199e (only deck)

Cosmo cosmic dancer pro

Crown Boards

Crown boards is Belgian longboard company and famous riders such as Hans Wouters is sponsored by them. Very strong deck among freestyle long boarders. Royal Tribe models are around 239e.

Crownboards longboard Royal Tribe

Pepper longboards

Pepper is longboard company from Russia Moscow. Inari is new dancer in their lineup and it is 239e for a board.

Bastl Boards

Bastl is longboard maker from Germany. Their longboards such as Bolero, Discofox and Forro are very popular deck in Europe. Here in picture is Waltzer, price is 240e.