Longboarding to me

classic long boarding

Cool questions came to our shop via social media. Here few Q&A, and don’t forget this is just how one person sees it, nothing else 🙂

What is longboarding to me?

Street surfing
Southern Island of Okinawa in pacific ocean is where I live while in Japan and started longboarding. Skimboard and surf I started in Hawaii where my cousin is from, so for me I see longboarding as street surfing. Classic longboarding is the truth, boardwalks with bare feet, long decks and deep carving. The original style where longboard dancing originated from

Adam and Adam
Their youtube videos coined together the Art of longboard dancing and we have all watched Adam and Adam videos repeat thousand times. What you see in their videos is their mad energy, they just went crazy with the board, zero fucks given what others think, so much creativity. If some one had said to Adam and Adam that what you do is not longboarding and they had quit, there would not be longboard dancing. Thankful they continued. .

Why so many Caveman variations
Why some do so much caveman variations is that in Japan first trick you learn is usually caveman. When came to Europe was surprised how the style is so different, probably Hans Wouters is super big influence and style is more like short board tricks on longboard, which what we are working on now. Every country has their own foundations and heroes they look up to.

Why you do hand waves while long boarding?
Well this is not something that we came up to, we used to go to Cali every year to breakdance battles, waving is from Cali, at the time many locals had deck and were goofing with hand waves while long boarding, so that’s where I saw it first. Even asked Adam if it’s okay to do handwaves while 180 step. But handwaving in long boarding is definitely not part of fundamental and foundational longboard dancing. Also of course Sepakumas crazy hand styles are inspirational, so legendary.

Sepakuma with Skrillex

Freestyle means free style, not let’s do everybody same stuff

All in all there are different approaches to longboard dancing. The original styles from classic longboarding, different styles from different styles from different countries. It is not only one way to dance. Be open minded, freedom of freestyle.

longboard dancing & skateboard 360 camera Gopromax review

Bought 360 camera while in Japan. I think it’s the best thing I’ve had for years. For solo skater like me, it gives so many possibilities to film your dancing, it’s incredible.
Basically you don’t have to ask anyone to film and you can get good footage, play with the sick angles and be creative 200 times more than with normal cam. It’s kind of your own drone, action cam, photo cam, gimbal and sick 360 degree cam in one vehicle.
In Japan they didn’t have Insta360 (other 360 action cam), only GoproMax and Ricoh Theta. Gopromax is good, but have to admit the next generation of 360 cams must be the ones to get. It takes super long time to import movies to your phone with wifi, then rendering and selecting the angles another hour or two, then finally editing and sharing it. Even if I’m super fast, for one 1 minute clip it can take good 3-4 hours of work. Also the app crashes like windows 95 and is super unstable. Once I updated the software, it started throwing camera off 360 mode, so for one session I did not have any footage on my cam, only sky and floor. But all in all, I’m having fun with it, but probably next generation is going to be better. 550e for Gopromax and stick, it’s bit expensive still I think. Ricoh Theta was more cheaper, but the video quality was no good for skating, the stabilizer was no good at all.

30 days longboard dancing mission

Wen’t trough 30 days longboard dancing x street dance mission in January. The season wasn’t best for long boarding, since you can only skate in car garages in Finland, so result was fail (lol), 27/30 days was the final numbers, few days missing because of getting sick with car smoke etc, but all in all would recommend this longboard dancing mission to everyone. It kind of makes long boarding part of your daily routines and gives you so much motivation. Here are some videos of January. So glad now in end of March that sun is starting to shine.

freeskate 2020

Hey fam what’s good! Started 2020 with great momentum, with 30 days straight longboard/freeskate/streetdance challenge. So every day either longboard/freeskate/streetdance for 30 days. In this cold weather and security guards harassing in parking lots, trying to be healthy and not injured, let’s see if gonna fail 😀

Got freeskates from JMKride, can’t wait to learn them
Sent our Saddancer deck to Cuba to local long boarder through his dad who was in Finland, buen viaje hombre, bit warmer for you in Havana I guess!
Hardwire hi-fi is the endless road. Changed pivot cups to Riptide and bushings to Orangatang Knuckles. Ride is 100% smoothier now, no joke. With Flavor trucks, this is best set up for me right now.
New Years resolution. Not worrying too much.
New Drake & Future, the song is not that special but video is mad fun

Saddancer how was this 2019?

It was huge year for us. Started everything again from the beginning. Moved back from Okinawa to itä-Vantaa. Organized 6 events in Japan and Finland. Skated every day. Went to Barcelona. Thankful for all the people met and vibed.
Next year is going to be cool I guess. Cant wait the Okinawa trip again and all the Saddancer projects coming up.

Okinawa became place to call another home. Skimboarding, Onsen (Hot springs), great food, cheap living, southern Island paradise with all best part of Japanese culture.
Had there Terrace House themed Airbnb with friends, best time of my life
guests liked it too
Organized 6 events in Japan and in Helsinki
7 dancers from Finland went to Japan, and one dancer came to perform in Helsinki
Okinawa is beautiful but home is where your heart is. Going to Okinawa every year, but full move to island is still in the future.
Built AirBnb/apartment with Japanese minimalism to close to Airport, no need for sofa
Summer in Helsinki is not bad either
Skated 3-4 times a week at least. longboard dancing = meditation
Itä-Vantaa appreciation. 20 minutes to Kallio, 30 minutes to central by car or bus. Perfect living. Have lived in Punavuori and Kallio, but not moving back to city ever.
Went to Barcelona! Was one of best weekends. The beach, the skate, the food, the people the vibes. Definately going next year as well.
Made more than 20 skate videos this year.

how to save money for trip (longboard, dancing etc)

When you want to go to longboard contest in Eindhoven, or any trip in general, but don’t have money for it. How to save money?
Of course we are privileged even to be able to travel, and able to save, but this is just for food of thoughts. This is not new post in this site, but something we have been doing in this blog.

1. Quit streaming. Quit all streaming services for 4 months. Netflix, Spotify and other streamings. All good music is in Soundcloud and also Youtube gives you 1 month free, so that’s enough. Start watching more how to videos or Elon Musk videos etc.

2. Lessen eating out in restaurants. This is super expensive in Finland. And lessen beers in Bars. This is just waste of money anyways

3. Do not buy any clothes in 4 months. You have enough clothes. 

4. Try to go grocery store once a week, buy all the things once, not enter supermarket besides once a week. If I go every day to grocery store, I will buy all the un necessary shits every day, so if I spend 1 euro a day for stuff I don’t need, in 4 months it is crazy amount.

5. Lessen the time in social media. Lessen watching Instagram Stories, try to do productive stuff instead. This is hard one, but basically going through IG stories is biggest waste of time, all good stuff will be in posts so.. The saved time from watching Netflix and IG stories we have put into editing videos and longboard dancing. 
And we have been releasing new videos every week now.

Its working 🙂

So in this way one will be able to save more than enough for costs to So You Can Longboard dance (biggest longboard event in the world) travels, hostel and food.

What you guys say? Is it too much? Or are we just spoiled? Are we wasting our money and time in general?

update on sneakers.fi

Our blog is now 10 years old! I think it’s one of oldest ongoing urban culture blogs in Europe right now. To be honest we haven’t had time to update that much, maybe twice a month and been focused more on Instagram and editing videos lately.

So far Sneakers.fi have had 250000 visitors and best article had 45000 hits.

Will try to shift to writing in English and little bit more concentrate on longboard dancing and street dancing, and of course our events & travelling in Europe and Japan/Okinawa, that are our main focus right now!

RN most exited about #saddancer longboard and streetdance project
To find finally a project that we can put all our creativity and skills for one thing, is most exiting right now.

From now, front page will be #saddancer project shop and pics, the link to blog will be in upper tab!

Joker-elokuva arvostelu

Jokerikin skeittaa

Pitkästä aikaa tuli käytyä elokuvateatterissa, tyyliin tässä viiden vuoden aikana on käynyt vain muutaman kerran.

Ysärillä kasvaneena River Phoenix ja hänen pikkubroidinsa oli aina sankareita. Kummassakin näyttelijässä on tietty aitouden tuntu, joka resonoi.

Jokeri-elokuva oli raskas, raaka ja väkevä. Hyvin aidon tuntuinen. Ei missään nimessä kaikille. Jos raa’an kauhuelokuvan kuvasto pelottaa tai ei tunnu hyvältä, ei kannata käydä katsomassa (kauhuelokuva se ei varsinaisesti ole, mutta anyways, tässä ei ole oikeastaan yhtään helppoa kohtaa). Tanssiblogina on sanottava, että Joaquin Phoenix on loistava tanssija. Näkee että baletti-opinnoista on otettu se tietty syvin estetiikka ja viety se Jokeriksi. Bravo. Parasta tanssia valkokankaalla since ikinä.
Harva elokuva mietityttää näin paljon katsomisen jälkeen. Se on taidolla tehty ja näytelty todella intohimoisesti.
Teemat ovat yksinjääminen, anarkia, rikkaat ja yhteiskunta vs köyhät ja päähänpotkitut, hulluus. Kaikki kohtaukset ovat hollywood-mittapuulla jotain aivan muuta. Onko tämä leffa hyvä vai ei, siihen ei voi ottaa kantaa, mutta ehkä tämä elokuvan tarkoitus on muuttaa sitä, miten elokuvia tehdään Hollywoodissa. Onko se pelkkää viihdettä ja laskelmoitua huttua, vai voiko se olla taidetta joka kouraisee syvältä.

River Phoenix r.i.p
Uusi Itiksen finnkino on hieno
Heti tulee mietittyä kuinka täällä voisi kuvata skeittiä
Joaquin Phoenix skateboard
Snadi spoileri jos et ole katsonut. Elokuvan tekijä kertoo yhdestä tanssikohtauksesta kuinka se syntyi
Joaquin Phoenix haastattelu