Antopio (Finland/Japan) Curriculum Vitae

Antopio ”Topi” Dimaestre (fin/jpn)

“Hyper elegant”
– Dagens Nyheter (major news paper of Sweden)

DiMaestre’s performance is fascinating. On this contemporary dance context, it is refreshing spirit of techno fountain. Unbelievable dancer who has amazing technique.”
– Helsingin Sanomat (major news paper of Finland)

” I really don’t care if people think I’m good dancer or not. But it’s nice if they think that I’m funny guy”
– Antopio

”For me, organizing dance event is the beautifulest art form in the world because it can give people keys to find new friends, find new you and unleash your creativity in safe environment”
– Antopio

Antopio (Topi)
Topi is choreographer and dancer of Siéva / urban dance group. Antopio started dancing in a beginning of the 1991 in Japan and has continued ever since. His repertoire has widened from urban dance battles to contemporary theatre performances. Having Finnish mother and Japanese father, he has lived his whole life back and forth between Finland and Japan. In theatre works, his approach to dance is often emotional and soulful, portraying beauty more than simply showing acrobatics and illusional movements.
He is also founding member of such groups as Dance company, La Nieve Fresca, FlowMo, Siéva etc.
He has organized over 100 dance events, biggest being Show Of The Year 1500+ dancer annual dance event held in Helsinki Culture house.

Antopio received Finnish Streetdance pioneer award in 2009, Finnish Breakdance pioneer award in 2017 and has been working for urban dance culture and scene for a long time, teaching thousands of dancers and hundreds of dance teachers all around Finland. Documentary film Siéva directed by Jenni Linko, portrayed his dance crews work and life was premiered in 2018 in Docpoint Festival and Yle Teema and now is touring around the world in different festivals.

Topi (Antopio)

中学校と高校を日本で過ごし、東京でダンスを学んだ後フィンランドへ引っ越し現地のダンスチームで活躍、世界でも有名なダンスチームFlow-Moと共に世界中のイベントで出場。ブレイカーとして New York Rock Steady Anniversary 2006 優勝 Korea R-16 世界大会2位 Freestyle Session Europe in London2位など成績を残した後、たち踊りでは世界最大ダンス大会 Paris Juste Debout Final に三度出場。ChoreographerとしてMTV Music Awards出演、Coca Cola 125年記念CMなど振り付けをする。


フィンランドでDANCE.FI DANCESCHOOLを経営、ダンサー活動は今さまざまなジャンルのフュージョンを追求。ヒップホップのラテンのルーツを探しに2008年にキューバへ行ったのを機に Cuban Salsa x Rumba x Street をフュージョンした踊り、そしてダンスとロンスケ合体した をLongboard dancing。趣味としてボーカル&ビートボックスをフィンランドのR&B Band Momocoで担当

He is one of the most active artists in Finnish urban dance scene and his videos have been watched over 3 million times in social media. Company & Siéva performances:

Japan Open Styles tour Aichi, Tokyo, Okinawa 2019 & 2020
Dynamo Eindhoven 2018
Helsinki Oodi 2019
London 02 arena 2017
Copenhagen Dansecapellet Clash CPH 2018
Dansens Hus Stockholm 2017
Barcelona Arts on Stage, Barts Barcelona 2016
Paris Theatre des varietes 2008
Kansallisooppera 2016
Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi 2010-2015
Summerup Lahti 2015
Ateneum 2018
Parkteatern Stockholm 2012
Savoy Teatteri 2018
STOA 2008-2012
Peacock theatre 2012
Helsingin Kulttuuritalo 2010-2019
Tiivistämö 2020
Cumbre Mundial de Tango Seinjäjoki
Kirjojen Yö – Stockmann
Savoy teatteri
Blockfest Tampere
SADE Festival
Sub TV Substanssi
Talent TV4
Pakko Tanssia MTV3
Rotuaari Oulu
Back 2 Practice Lappeenranta
Barona Areena
Veturitallit Jyväskylä
Tampereen Messukeskus
Vaasan Jäähalli
Itis Grand opening
Scandic Park
Teater Casa Vaasa
Millenium Pavilionki

Solo theater presentations performed Clup Act Amsterdam Holland
Lille 2004 Biennale Delta Festival France Blackbox Theater Oslo Norway Stockholm Street Dance Festival Sweden Dansens Hus Stockholm Sweden Alexander Theater Helsinki Dance arena Festival Helsinki Dance Theater Hurjaruuth HelsinkiUrban Weekend MuurameOulu JoJo -Uuden tanssin keskus Jyväskylä City Theater Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi Ateneum Theater
URB Festival Kiasma Contemporary Arts Museum Finland (14 shows)

Invited guest (dancer / judge) to next dance festivals and events.

Subörb , Stockholm Sweden
Stocholm Street Dance Festival Sweden

Battle Of The East Estonia
Floorwars Copenhagen Denmark
Vulcanology Festival with Roy Ayers, Sicily Juste Debout / Streetstar Sweden
Hipopsession Nantes France
Total Session Touloise France
Floorwars Denmark
Hiphop International Las Vegas USA
Festival Cultura Urbana Madrid Spain
Korea Sparkling Seoul festival R-16 Seoul Korea FRK Bboy competition Austria
Braun Flatground Amsterdam Holland
Sprite Urban Games London UK
Urban Arts Manifestation Malmö Sweden
UK BBoy Championships London UK
Urban Dance Championships Lithuania
Tampere International Salsa Festival


Finnish Streetdance pioneer award 2009 @ Nordic Moves
Finnish breakdance pioneer award 2018
Vuoden Kulttuuriteko by Bassomedia (Sade Festival)
Salsa Borealis Helsinki Salsa ry kulttuurinedistämispalkinto


3 time Paris Juste Debout finalist (Experimental & Popping)
Juste Debout Finland popping 1st place Juste Debout Scandinavia, Sweden popping 2nd place Juste Debout Finland hiphop 2nd place. 3 time finalist in Juste Debout Finals Paris (Experimental).
Nordic Open Stockholm Sweden 1st place. Nordic Solo Popping competition Malmö Sweden 2nd place. Battle of the East Estonia Popping battle 1st place. Helsinki Battle Popping competition 1 st place. Finnish Championship Popping 1st place. Finnish Championships House 2nd place. Finnish Championships Streetdance Showcase 2nd place. Salsa SM Principiante gold medal. Salsa SM Rueda gold medal (with La Nieve Fresca). Ourvision Dance contest finalist (with La Nieve Fresca). Paras esitys / Stadi tanssii finalist (with La Nieve Fresca). Rock Steady Anniversary 2006 New York USA 1st place (with Flow-Mo). UK Championships nordic europe qualifications 1st place (with Flow-Mo). Freestyle Session Europe London UK 2nd place 2004 (with Flow-Mo). R-16 world championships Seoul Korea 2nd place.

Solo dance experience (selected urban dance events):

Floormasters Night, Yokohama Japan 3do no meshi yori freestyle, Tokyo JapanBBoy Jam # 1 StockholmTime 2 Battle Malmö , SwedenScandinavian BattleOfTheYear 99, 2000, 2002, 2004 Tokyo BBoy Park , Japan 1999 BBoy Night, Tokyo, Japan 95, 96, 98 Original Bboy Jam. Paris France 2002 Battle Pop Lock, Osaka Japan Juste Debout 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2013 Paris FranceUltimate Bboy Showdown Finland Ultimate Poppers Grandprix Tokyo JapanFreestyle Session 8 Long Beach USA 2004 Rock Steady

Anniversary New York USA 2005, 2006 Juste Debout Paris finalist in experimental 2006, 2007 & 2008Dance Delight Paris 2008 Rencontres Urbaines Paris, France 2000. International Salsa festival Tampere 2009, 2010 Cubamemucho Salsa festival, Germany 2010.

Cuban Salsa & Rumba studies in HAVANA, CUBA 2008 & 2009
Dance video production in New York, U.S.A 2012
Dance video production in Rio De Janeiro & Paraty, Brazil 2012

Group theater performance:

Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles USA BEO, HWE Program Serbia Montenegro Aarhus Hiphop Festival Denmark Biennale de la dance Lyon France Loiste Festival Helsinki Finland HWE Program Sweden Malmö Dansens Hus, Stockholm Sweden Jyväskylä City Theater

Commercial works:

Choreography for Coca Cola 125 years TV commercial choreography, MTV Europe Music Video Awards 2001, VIVA Music video Awards Hannover Germany, Finnish Music Video Awards, Nokia Totally Board Greece Thessaloniki, Popfinlandia, Tammerfest, Music videos, Dancing with the stars, Eurovision dance contest, Pallogrillailun SM-kilpailut etc.Clients: Coca Cola, Casio, Nokia, Adidas, Sony-BMG, Puma, Fruktis, Samsung, Kilroy, Toyota, Instrumentarium, Miller, Jameson, Nike, Puma etc.

Performed to Finnish President Tarja Halonen in Finland independence gala 2007 @ Finlandia house.

Media interviews, documentaries:

Siéva dance documentary Yle Areena, Yle Teema, Docpoint festival
City magazine – Cover and 3 page interview
Tanssi, Tanssi – Book cover and 13 page article
Posse Magazine – Cover and interview
Breikkaus on mun elämäntapa – Book interview and pictures
Vision Huvudstadsbladet – Cover and interview
Image magazine – 1 page interview
Let It Flow – Documentary Tanssin virtaa Yle TeemaSneakers – Documentary Kaleva – one page interview
Metro – one page interview
Kaleva – one page interview
HS – one page interview
Huvudstadsbladet – one page interview

Other interviews, articles and shows:Image, Basso, Helsingin Sanomat, Koululainen, City, Huvudstadsbladet, PopFinlandia, Mix, 100, Dans tidningen, Metro, Yle uutiset, Valopilkku, Tanssi, Kulttuuri uutiset, Tiikeri, Jyrki, Dagens Nyheter, Itä-Helsingin Sanomat, Yle2 Zulu, Kaleva, NYT etc

Event organizing:

Show Of The Year 2010-
Show Of The Year Japan 2019-
Contemporary Street Arts event Helsinki Finland February 2004, Producer New street art evening Helsinki Finland August 2004, Producer Lumisade – clubnight for dancers and sneakerfreaks 2005-2006
Beatstreet Clubnight 2007-2009 Styles & Gears 2008-2009 Streetdance SM 2010 Streetdance SM south Finland 2013 Show SM south Finland 2013 Katumessut 2008-2018 Renessanssi 2012-18

Street Art Dance Essentials – SADE – festival, urban dance festival located in Helsinki Finland, Vice president, artistic director 2005-2008

Teaching experience:
Since 1998 till present: Tanssivintti Dance School Helsingin Tanssiopisto Dance School Hämeenlinnan liikuntakeskusKOLO Dance school DANCE.FI Dance School

Turun tanssikonservatorio, Cooma, Funkyhall, Tanssikoulu Sara jyväskylä, Suburb, Aarhus hiphop festival Denmark, Urban Dance Championships Lithuania, Citydance Oulu, Hotcakes Rovaniemi, Tanssistudio Funky Turku, Kuopio tanssii ja soi, Savonlinna Street Beat, ISKY Joensuu, Parainen, SVOLI, Jydis ry, Etelä savon tanssiopisto, Razzmatazz.


Press quotes of Antopio

“Hyper elegant” – Dagens Nyheter (major news paper of Sweden) –

” DiMaestren esitys on lumoava ja tässä nykytanssikontekstissa raikas teknolähteen ruiskaus.Uskomatonesiintyjäjollaonhämmästyttävätekniikka”- HelsinginSanomat

“DiMaestre’s performance is fascinating. On this contemporary dancecontext, it is refreshing spirit of techno fountain. Unbelievable dancerwho has amazing technique.”- Helsingin Sanomat (major news paper of Finland) –

“He is merciless dancer and beast to develope surprising movements based on breakdance” – Helsingin Sanomat

” Many people say my dancing is different, unique or even weird. For my point of view, it’s not my goal to be different. I just do what is the most natural way of expressing myself. Don’t ever forget of being humble and honest. Dance was here before us, and will be long after.” – Antopio on LTYES dance documentary