Vans Old Skool pro vs. Nike Zoom Blazer SB

What is best shoe for longboarding for me?

This blog started as sneaker blog and we used to own Sneaker shop, so we are going to give a little review how we liked some shoes we use in Longboarding. Go see videos in our Instagram to see how we skate!

I am professional street dancer and have owned speakershop so I give quite attention to details, materials they use, pricing and usability in shoes. Important is also how the product is really developed for it’s use (even the look is old school classic). It makes no sense to wear 50 year old shoe model with 50 years old materials in these days.

At worst days of my sneaker addiction, I had close to 100 sneakers in my closet, and to this day still have dosens of ten year old brand new shoes that haven’t used, lol.

Skate shoes have not been on my radar since in street dance skate shoes are not best for streetdancing, so in a way skate shoe scene was new to me and fun to research.

As the sad skate shop aesthetic, most important for us was to try to find minimal, all black skate shoe.

There were not many smooth all black skate shoes, but the skateshoes I have now used are Nike SB Zoom Blazer Chukka, Vans Old Skool and Vans Old Skool pro.

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Chukka

Nike Blazer is classic Nike sneaker and I have used them way back, but what surprised me was that there was no really not much evolution in the made of this shoe. It says SB as skateboarding, but the feel, fit and materials were as cheap as ten years a go in normal Blazer. I thought it have been big product development for SB line, but there wasn’t much. TBH Nike has been lazy, just putting the SB logo to 40 year old shoe 😀 For skating the shoes fit is not optimal for me at least, it’s narrow but still not supporting the feet as good it should be. The look of Blazer is super nice, I love when skate shoes does not look like skate shoes.

Vans Old Skool black/black

I love the look of Vans Old Skool. Super classic shoe from 1960’s. This cheapest version is really for just walking, the canvas material feel cheap and is not sturdy enough for even long boarding. Like toy shoe, not real shoe.

Vans Old Skool pro black/black

Pro version of Old Skool shoe is best one thus far we have used for longboard dancing. In longboard freestyle and dancing you don’t really do much Ollies or kick flips, so shoe wears mostly from bottom. The sole must be bit thinner that you can really feel the boards concave while carving. The materials in pro model are so much better than normal Old Skool, so definitely recommend this one, even it is bit pricier. The heel is sturdier, suede material on top, this feels really more good work shoe wise in general.
I longboard 3-4 times a week, some times more than that and the shoe lasted about 9 months, until the breaking side shoe broke down from sole.

Let us know if there’s other all black skate shoes you recommend!

After 9 months it looked like this
Nike SB Zoom Blazer SB review
Nike Zoom Blazer SB
Vans Old Skool black/black review
Vans Old Skool black/black