freeskate 2020

Hey fam what’s good! Started 2020 with great momentum, with 30 days straight longboard/freeskate/streetdance challenge. So every day either longboard/freeskate/streetdance for 30 days. In this cold weather and security guards harassing in parking lots, trying to be healthy and not injured, let’s see if gonna fail 😀

Got freeskates from JMKride, can’t wait to learn them
Sent our Saddancer deck to Cuba to local long boarder through his dad who was in Finland, buen viaje hombre, bit warmer for you in Havana I guess!
Hardwire hi-fi is the endless road. Changed pivot cups to Riptide and bushings to Orangatang Knuckles. Ride is 100% smoothier now, no joke. With Flavor trucks, this is best set up for me right now.
New Years resolution. Not worrying too much.
New Drake & Future, the song is not that special but video is mad fun