how to save money for trip (longboard, dancing etc)

When you want to go to longboard contest in Eindhoven, or any trip in general, but don’t have money for it. How to save money?
Of course we are privileged even to be able to travel, and able to save, but this is just for food of thoughts. This is not new post in this site, but something we have been doing in this blog.

1. Quit streaming. Quit all streaming services for 4 months. Netflix, Spotify and other streamings. All good music is in Soundcloud and also Youtube gives you 1 month free, so that’s enough. Start watching more how to videos or Elon Musk videos etc.

2. Lessen eating out in restaurants. This is super expensive in Finland. And lessen beers in Bars. This is just waste of money anyways

3. Do not buy any clothes in 4 months. You have enough clothes. 

4. Try to go grocery store once a week, buy all the things once, not enter supermarket besides once a week. If I go every day to grocery store, I will buy all the un necessary shits every day, so if I spend 1 euro a day for stuff I don’t need, in 4 months it is crazy amount.

5. Lessen the time in social media. Lessen watching Instagram Stories, try to do productive stuff instead. This is hard one, but basically going through IG stories is biggest waste of time, all good stuff will be in posts so.. The saved time from watching Netflix and IG stories we have put into editing videos and longboard dancing. 
And we have been releasing new videos every week now.

Its working 🙂

So in this way one will be able to save more than enough for costs to So You Can Longboard dance (biggest longboard event in the world) travels, hostel and food.

What you guys say? Is it too much? Or are we just spoiled? Are we wasting our money and time in general?